About Hallie

IMG_4177My name is Hallie Kazda and I am a certified yoga teacher, living in Brooklyn, NY. I was born and raised in the West suburbs of Chicago and made my way to New York when I was a freshman in college. After graduating with a BA in Sociology I decided to stay in NYC. I am still pursuing dance and am a member of Donofrio Dance Company. I have recently graduated from the “Celebrating the Call: Women’s Healer Training” taught by Cathy Calderon.

Beginning the journey to my Self is a dance, an exploration. I am here to discover new things about the consciousness within and you can enjoy some of my findings along the way. I hope you are inspired to BE YOU! 

Interested in taking some free yoga classes? Then check out my Yoga Podcast Classes. You can find them on iTunes if you search Excuse Me While I Yogini or Hallie Kazda in the iTunes Store. Remember to subscribe to my podcast so that the episodes automatically update for you! I would love any feedback on my audio classes or my blog posts 🙂

You also now have the ability to take free classes with my via youtube! Just search ‘Hallie Kazda’ or Be You Yogini. I have full yoga classes, video tutorials, and yoga insights posted for your viewing pleasure, so you can practice at home and learn to develop a yoga on your mat, no matter where you live! And it is my gift to you!

I offer private yoga classes to students looking to begin practicing yoga or for students who wish to delve deeper into their current practice. Please do not hesitate to pass my information along to friends. For more details please contact me via e-mail (excusemewhileiyogini@gmail.com).

If you have any questions, or want to know more about my yoga training, yoga studies, dance and choreography, you can e-mail me or post a comment/quetsion.

Thank you for reading!

May you be peaceful.

May you be happy.

May you be free from suffering.

May you be Free!


~Breathe. Listen. Be You.~IMG_4916


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