IMG_1757I feel as if I am at an edge of a cliff and in a few moments my toes will slip and either I can let myself accept defeat and fall or I can open my heart and soar over to a new landing, somewhere higher. Putting myself out there, offering my yoga practice as a shared experience, is a bit terrifying. With any type of teaching or leadership position we make ourselves vulnerable. We stand on that edge of the cliff. And I believe that the more vulnerable I am willing to make myself, the more that I will be able to give, and then also receive from others.

There is so much that I learn every time I teach a yoga class. How to listen, how to guide, how to experience a moment and how these moments connect me to the people who are there to practice with me. And in a way, I know that my youtube channel is offering myself as a yoga instructor to people, possibly all over the world. My classes are put out into the vast web of the internet and I do hope that I can reach people that need a way to find some truth in themselves at home, or maybe even as a small group.

Yoga studios seem to be taking Brooklyn by storm and teaching opportunities appear to be plenty. I know that there of course are a lot of other qualified, amazing yoginis and yogis that also want to share their gift and teach at the same places that I am applying. And I am taking their classes as well. To be in the presence of other yogis/yogis is energizing and nourishing and every time I walk out of a class I feel motivated to teach; I am reaffirmed that teaching yoga is what I am supposed to do. My dharma, true path, is the sharing of movement, energy, truth, dance and yoga. And because I have found it difficult to offer classes on a regular basis here in Brooklyn, I have been feeling frustrated the past few months.

I will not give up and accept defeat. I know that there is a space for me in this wonderful community and every day I am embracing it and becoming more involved with the people that are coming together on their yoga mats. I am learning what they love, and I am learning how I can improve my teaching, how to embrace different styles and techniques of alignment and modifications of asanas throughout classes. My training did not finish two years ago when I received my RYT 200. It is a continuous path of discovery and challenges.

I am ready for what is coming. I know that my daily practice and dedication to my education will be the driving force of whatever it is that comes next. Next is unpredictable; whether it be teaching a few weekly classes at various studios, subbing as much as I can, focusing on my youtube series, or offering community and/or private classes in Prospect Park. Whatever it will be, I know that I am opening my heart and, even though I have fear of the unknown, I will soar higher.


Breathe. Listen. And Be You.

Here is the link to my latest youtube class:


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