A New Start

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 10.23.28 PMIt has almost been 9 months since I last posted here on WordPress. I cannot pinpoint a reason for becoming distant from my writing practice, but I do know that I felt I did not have time to write every day and that not a lot of people were reading my posts. So I decided to place my focus elsewhere. I have been dedicating my yoga practice to self-healing and have been sharing free classes via youtube (click here to take a class with me!). I am developing new ways to reach out and share my yoga practice. I want to teach, whether at a studio or for private clients. Recently, I have been able to be on my mat more and take in the juiciness of a consistent yoga practice, sometimes even up to 3 hours in a day — not all at once though 🙂

All of this opened up for me about 6 months ago when I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in real estate. I had been working for the Vitamix Corporation for almost 3 years, and I felt that I had gotten what I could out of the position and needed to balance my life with more play. My mother has been in the RE industry for almost 25 years and in high school and college I worked part-time for her as an administrative assistant. I knew the basics, and knew that becoming a licensed Real Estate Salesperson would allow me to also stay in Brooklyn and develop a weekly teaching schedule at yoga studios. 

Now, for the first 3 months that I was licensed I was working in an office from 9am-5pm. It wasn’t exactly what I envisioned, but I was learning from the top-producing agent in the office and I am grateful for the time I was able to spend on his team. A few weeks ago I made the decision to start my own team, mostly working from home and developing my own business. As Keller Williams Realty says, the goal for me is to create “a business worth owning, a career worth having, and a life worth living!”

And so I begin this journey. I am now a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Certified Yoga Instructor, Modern Dancer, and Choreographer. I am also so much more, and am learning to experiment with other things like photography and film, fiction writing, theatre, and gardening. Just the other day I planted some basil, peppers, and a few other herbs;I cleared out some dead plants that I had accidentally left on the terrace during the winter months; I created a sense of sustainability in my Brooklyn apartment. 

I am taking one day at a time, one hour, one breath, and one thought. These things all seem impossible at times. A mountain that I have to climb all by myself. Yet, others have done it and have left their footprints, have left maps with great detail on how to achieve similar goals. And I also know that I have people at my side who will cheer me on, pick me up when I fall down, and encourage me to try again when I fail. 

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss for enthusiasm.”–Unknown

And so I say, bring it on life!


I am sharing a new yoga class here that I hope is approachable for beginners and yoginis/yogis alike. It is a 20 minute Sun Salutation Warm Up Series. Enjoy! 

Breathe. Listen. Be You!



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